dumb af

im so unhappy and i feel so shitty
i just want to be happy and finally be satisfied with myself and not feel like dying every second of the day
im tired of feeling like everyone hates me im tired of everything im tired of thinking the way i do i jus wanna die

i met this chilean dude yesterday and i jus wanted to listen to him speak spanish for hours

i like to listen to argentines speaking spanish to relax n it makes me cry bc their accent is jus beautiful

baby doll sis

baby doll sis

Anonymous asks: ur cute n beautiful n hot at the same time wtf



Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill, circa 96/97


he said come here babygirl


he said come here babygirl

Anonymous asks: You look better without the lipstick

idc i look pretty bitchin 

Anonymous asks: what would u change about your nose btw?

i would make it curve up like a cute fairy